It's about to be extremely hot today and all of the weekend. Please check on the elderly, my Granny is in Detroit, but I'm still calling. Below I dropped some tips on what to do with this heat. Stay cool, be safe and stay hydrated my people.


  • Find air conditioning
  • Watch for heat illness
  • Check on family members and neighbors
  • Drink plenty of fluids


  • Partake in strenuous activities
  • Wear heavy clothing
  • Leave people or pets in a closed car
  • Use an electronic fan (fans create air flow and a false sense of comfort, but do not reduce body temperature

Feeling dehydrated or fatigue from the heat?

  • Go to a cooler location
  • Remove excess clothing
  • Take sips, not gulps of water or sports drinks with salt and sugar
  • If body temperature gets above 103 degrees, call 911 or get the person to a hospital immediately

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