Some of the Buffalo Bills players' wives are fighting against mandatory vaccines.  According to a press release I received from Tim Walton, Rachel Bush, the wife of Buffalo Bills Jordan Poyer, is speaking out against the mandatory vaccination requirement for Buffalo Bills games.  The petition was started by Walton.  It reads, in part,

This is America. We have freedoms to be able to live life and to CHOOSE. If you want the vaccine, go get it. If you don't, that should be your choice. The Buffalo Bills must do their part to protect our rights, privacy and freedoms to attend a game without being forced to take a vaccine.

The petitioners want the Buffalo Bills and Terry Pegula to have their attorneys sue to stop County Executive Mark Poloncarz’s vaccine mandate.

Poloncarz tweeted,

The only safe way to have a full house for @BuffaloBills and @BuffaloSabres games this fall is if all are vaccinated. Do your part, #GetVaccinated and then cheer on our teams in person this Fall!

His order specifies that all fans and staff must be fully vaccinated.  People who are not vaccinated will not be allowed entry into Buffalo Bills games.

However, today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has disputed the mandatory vaccination requirement.  According to, Cuomo said,

He did not believe Poloncarz was legally correct and added that the state would have to sign off on any regulations making it mandatory for fans to be fully vaccinated to attend Bills games. He would go on to add that, 'We are not there yet.'

You can register to get your COVID-19 vaccine here.

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