I often wonder to my self who are the people behind the string online thumb racist who seem to always have something racist to add when it comes to the Trayvon Martin case and of course there favorite President Obama.  Everyone was talking about the Trayvon Martin Halloween costume that is making its rounds on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.  Apparently there are real life consequences of online behavior.  Check this out :

Apparently this isn't the first time Caitlin Cimeno, has posted something racially insensitive online.

The other two proud racists are William Filene (left, in hoodie and Blackface/mask) who, according to The Smoking Gun, is a convicted felon and Greg Cimeno (right, dressed as George Zimmerman).

It didn't take much internet research to unviel exactly who these people were. Even though I don't think they were hiding.

Caitin deleted the pics hours later, changed her Instagram name and locked her profile like screen capture technology doesn’t exist. She was even dumb enough to have pictures on her Facebook page displaying her license plate number ..

The final result of Caitlin's hilarious Halloween costume.

I hope this is a great lesson for all the internet trolls out there. This probably wont help her she will blame this on reverse racism and probably raise he kids to think that the reason she was fired because she was defending her culture/free speech or something stupid like that. Welcome all three of these idiots into the BIG DUMMY FILES.