Like it or not, winter is here in New York! When it comes to removing snow from a property, many people opt to use a snowblower rather than shovel the snow. But, are there certain times of day when it's illegal to use a snowblower?

Photo by Victor Figueroa on Unsplash
Photo by Victor Figueroa on Unsplash

Removing snow is probably at the top of the list of the least favorite winter tasks. It's cumbersome and physically taxing, especially knowing it's just going to be back soon. If you're lucky, you have a snowblower to make the job a bit easier. But, regardless of whether you remove the snow from your property manually or using a snowblower, you have to be careful where you put the snow (snow storage is something people in warm climates just don't understand).

New York Vehicle Traffic Law 1219 (Putting glass or other injurious substances on highway prohibited) includes snow,

No person shall throw or deposit upon any highway any glass bottle, glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans, snow or any other substance likely to injure any person, animal, or vehicle upon such highway.


Photo Credit: TSM Insider
Photo Credit: TSM Insider

Does New York Regulate The Times You Can Use Your Snowblower?

New York City regulates the times that lawncare machinery can be used. Lawncare equipment, including snowblowers, can be used,

On weekdays between 8 AM and 7 PM, or sunset (whichever is later). On weekends and New York State and Federal Holidays between 9 AM and 6 PM or sunset (whichever is later).

New York State does not have a law specific to the noise created by snowblowers, but each local municipality may have its own noise ordinances. A thread on Reddit basically declares that snow blowing can take place at any time, according to how the majority of commenters feel about it.

When you need to, go for it. This isn't cutting your lawn. You can't get pissed about snow when you live here. Plus the douchbag plow guys drop those plows loud hell, and they're not quiet either. ~ @Robert315


If your neighbors are bothered by the sounds of snow removal, they're welcome to move somewhere it snows less.. ~ @JshWright


If it's not a snowblower it's some asshole ripping by on a snowmobile. Do what you gotta do man. ~ @burritosandblunts


In my book, anytime is fine. The snowblower sounds and shoveling sounds are just part of winter in CNY. I sleep better when I hear my neighbors snow blowing. ~ @Krambazzwod


I don’t care what time it is. If you have to be at work, it’s an acceptable time to snowblow. Lately I’m out at 2am if it snowed so my wife (ER nurse) can get out at 3am for her shift. Sorry neighbors. ~ @vr6inside

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