Snoop Lion is inviting fans into his journey as a newfound Rasta man on his new reggae album 'Reincarnated.' The Doggfather is letting fans preview the album on Vice's music channel Noisey.

Along with the anti-gun ode 'No Guns Allowed' featuring Drake, Lion teams up with Rita Ora on an infectious reggae tune called 'Torn Apart.' On the Major Lazer-produced song, Lion yearns for the love of a special love who got away.

"Her lips were the very first thing that I saw / She flew like an angel and that make me want her more," crooned Lion. "Say goodbye to the one that got away," sings Rita.

The dynamic duo shot a video for the song on the sandy beaches of Thailand earlier this year. The clip should arrive at video outlets real soon.

We had our apprehension about Snoop Lion's turn as a reggae artist but from what we've heard so far, this sounds like a groovy party. 'Reincarnated,' featuring duets with Chris Brown, Akon and Busta Rhymes, will arrive in stores on April 23.

Listen to Snoop Lion's 'Torn Apart' Feat. Rita Ora

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