It was just yesterday that the Rev. Jesse Jackson told listeners on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to keep Smokin’ Joe Frazier in their prayers.  The boxing legend was battling liver cancer in a Philadelphia area hospice.  Well I’m sad to report that he has lost his fight. Frazier passed away last night at the age of 67,

He was diagnosed with liver cancer six weeks ago.  In the weeks before his death, Frazier lost 50 pounds. He refused request for visits the Rev Jesse Jackson and others. He was a proud man and didn’t want anyone to see him like that.

Frazier leaves one heck of a legacy  when it comes to boxing.  He will be sadly missed.

Cancer is a dreaded disease.  It claims many lives each year.  I’m sure we know someone who has lost their battle with cancer.  Just this year I lost of friend to the disease.  She suffered going through the chemo.  She found a good fight but it won.  Just got word that another friend had had cancer surgery yesterday. Seems like it’s all around us.  I hope they find a cure soon because many people are running out of time.

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