Shake My Head.  So news just broke that video vixen and best selling author Karrine Steffans has filed for a restraining order against Darius McCray AKA Eddie Winslow.

A judge just granted "Supahead" AKA Karrine Steffans a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband Darius McCray. In the legal document she claims Eddie- I mean Darius choked her from behind and beat her with a belt in front of her son.

She has a long list of allegations against him and is asking the judge to make the restraining order permanent. He claims this is just her resorting back to her old tricks of public defamation.

What a mess! I feel bad for the both of them with this he said she said. Steffans needs to go ahead and take care of her son and stop all this craziness. She has a reputation of being a pathlogical liar.

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