All skyway regular users are going to find themselves rerouted beginning April 30th to accommodate a $29 million deck rehabilitation of the bridge.

The project is going to require the state Department of Transportation to detour traffic for two construction seasons.

Susan Surdej the public information officer for the state DOT says

"So, for the morning commuters from the Southtowns, inbound traffic will be running on those outbound Skyway lanes,"

she also puts in.

"There's only going to be one direction of traffic traveling on the Skyway for the next two construction seasons. So in the morning, it will accommodate the inbound travelers on the outbound lanes, and in the afternoons and evenings, the outbound lanes that are available will accommodate the outbound traffic from the city,"

Only outbound Skyway traffic will be accommodated on the weekends, so the direction of traffic on the span will not be changed at those times.

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