For some time now, the safety of inmates in the Erie County jail systems has been a concern for many people with loved ones in the system and some local leaders as well. We have heard of several cases where inmates have suffered from neglect and have injured themselves or been injured by someone else. Mental health has also been a concern in Erie County jails as well. The primary for Erie County Sheriff is just around the corner, and one of the big topics of discussion is the merger of two Erie County jails.

According to the potential merger of the downtown's holding center and Alden correctional facility was recently debated. A local group "Voice Buffalo" wants to ensure that the next Sheriff is held accountable for the safety of inmates and also make sure that this merger does not happen.

What's The Problem With The Merger?

One of the main concerns for the group is, with this merger,  family members, friends, and loved ones would be moved further away from downtown Buffalo, making it harder for people with loved ones in the system to see and get essentials to them. There is also the issue of public trust in the Eire County jails.

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Why Are There Trust Issues?

One of the things recently discovered was, Erie County Holding Center says that they no longer use the practice of solitary confinement when the truth is, jailers, have just changed the name of this practice, according to There are a number of reasons why this merger is unpopular with many, but the main objective of the "Voice Buffalo" and other local leaders is making sure inmates are treated in a humane way.

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