There is a lawmaker in South Carolina who is proposing a bill to require students to take a personal finance class in High School.

His name is Lou Rankin and he's a senator in Horry County, South Carolina.  He is proposing a bill that would make a personal finance class a requirement for graduation.

The class would cover topics like budgeting, insurance, taxes, retirement planning, banking, and how to avoid too much debt.

Who couldn't use this class???

I could use it right now!  As a person who went to a private college for the first two years of my post-education career, I wish I would have had the opportunity in school to learn things like that.

While some people would argue that they shouldn't spend time at school to teach things that should/could be learned at home, I would argue that just about everything that is learned in schools could probably be learned at home.  Why not give a student a leg up when it comes to their own finances?


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