While Buffalo Schools are closing, Erie County is investing money in the Potential Future Home of the students that Buffalo School have failed...JAIL!!!!

SO WHAT IF THE BUFFALO CITY SCHOOLS ARE NOT "COUNTY" SCHOOLS...The County SHOULD BE ALLOWED... OR ABLE TO... allocate the $1.2 Million they invested in the JAIL FACILITY to help BUFFALO CITY SCHOOLS.  If there's some "stipulation" such that "County Money" is "County Money" and NOT "City Money"...that Policy should CHANGE IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Making JAIL more comfortable (even to avoid Suicide), for the people who break the law and get into trouble, is LUDICROUS ... compared to the importance of sustaining viable and meaningful Buffalo City Schools...AND...what changes to "avoid suicide" could justify a $1.2 million investment?  Why not just provide better SUPERVISION...instead of treating inmates like "NEGLECTED ANIMALS"? ... Maybe some simple "acknowledgement" of an inmate who has a question or more attention dedicated to an inmate who is visibly distraught would help "AVOID INMATE SUICIDE"...now that doesn't COST anything...outside of maybe some additional Training Hours for County Employee who govern the Jail.  A $1.2 MILLION INVESTMENT TO IMPROVE JAIL CONDITIONS...EXPRESSLY AIMED AT ADDRESSING SUICIDE IN THE ERIE COUNTY JAIL...IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!! (My Opinion)

It makes me wonder... 3 Suicides within a 4 month period inside the Erie County Jail... How many sacrificed lives would it take for Erie County to JUSTIFY needing MONEY to IMPROVE CONDITIONS ...to the tune of $1.2 MILLION????  Hmmmm.... I'd love to see the itemized list of expenses with respect to what materials, training, etc...are TRULY NEEDED TO AVOID INMATES FROM COMMITTING SUICIDE...as far as I know...the only things in a Jail Cell (Holding Cell) are the inmate (or potential inmate) a sink, a toilet, and a NAKED PERSON (who has been X-Rayed and checked extensively for any contraband or ANYTHING) with nothing on but a shirt, pants, and shoes (they even take shoelaces away).  WHAT COSTS $1.2 MILLION???  Were the suicides allowed as a means of GETTING FUNDING such that employees could now receive raises....hmmmmm...

What do you think!?