For a fee, you can attend William Shatner's milestone birthday party. Of course, the party is Star Trek-themed. This 100% real. It's not a Kahn!

Grab your fake pointy ears and set your phasers to fun. For a small fee, you can boldly go and hang out with Captain James T. Kirk on his birthday. Who wouldn't want to go to Captain Kirk's birthday party? I bet the cake is out of this world.

There are two kinds of sci-fi nerds out there. You're either a Star Wars nerd or a Star Trek nerd. You'll never convince me that you can be both equally. Star Wars fans and Trekkies are a passionate group of people.

I have to assume that the ultimate goal of a Star Trek fan would be to meet the man who started it all.

According to the Daily Star Trek News, William Shatner will be turning 90 years old on March 22. He will be visiting a recreated Star Trek Enterprise ship that is displayed in Ticonderoga. Sadly the bash won't take place on his real birthday because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the accomplished actor is turning 90 this month the party will blast off in July of this year. Hopefully, it will be safer to gather and party at the later date. COVID restrictions will be enforced.

According to a post on Twitter, general admission tickets are sold out but VIP packages are still available which include birthday cake, a tour of the set, a photo op and an autograph.

This party sounds like it will be monumental enough to document in the Captain's Log.

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