As winter is fast approaching, time is running out to see the amazing colors of nature, as the leaves are changing here in Western New York.  According to ILoveNEwYork.Com, this is the ninth week of prime leaf-peeping action, and here in Western New York, there are many areas that are in the “Peak” color range.

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Currently, Peak and Near-Leak foliage can be found across the Greater Niagara Region, and the Finger Lakes.

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Just what is “Peak” foliage?  Well, I LOVE NY defines “Peak” foliage as;

"the best overall appearance the foliage will have during the season, considering color transition, brilliance, and leaf droppage. Foliage change has been uneven this season and travelers may find that some areas classified as peak and near-peak contain an abundance of green leaves."

If you needed a point of reference, check out their foliage key here:

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A couple of days ago, the family and I took a trip up to Whirlpool State Park.  The views of the Niagara River Gorge are some of the most scenic around.  And the other day was so bright and sunny, the trees looked like they were on fire.  The ride from Devil’s Hole along the river, all the way to downtown Niagara Falls was lit up by the bright setting sun, and all of the trees were bright and alive with crazy color.

With a few more warm days in a row coming up, I’d highly suggest heading up that way for the amazing show that nature is putting on for Western New York before the wind and winter blows it all away.

See Nature on Fire with Amazing Colors at Whirlpool State Park


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