Modern times have made life a whole lot easier to navigate with all of the technology that we have access to. From phones to computers and GPS technology to wearable devices, having consistent access to the modern world is a godsend when you think about it.

That is until you have to deal with the one thing people complain about most about modern technology: passwords.

According to the online privacy and security company Nord Security, the average American uses a pretty common password, making life easy for hackers.

In fact, in Nord Security's 2023 study of passwords used worldwide, it seems that the most common password used by people in the United States is the number combination 123456.

The study also found that America wasn't alone in this; people in 35 countries are prone to use easily hackable passwords.

What About Buffalonian Passwords?

If there is one thing about Buffalo and the great people who live in the 716, we would never use any of those common passwords.

We love data security and Buffalo so much that we make sure all of our passwords use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters, and we would never use one of those easy passwords (or a variation of them).

However, we would likely use all sorts of different Buffalo-related terms and themes in our passwords. Here's what we think the top 5 Buffalo-related passwords could be:

These Are The 5 Best Buffalo Themed Passwords

What better way to keep your device secure and support the 716 than to use a Buffalo password?

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

What Would Be Your Buffalo-Themed Password?

Now, we're not asking you to share your password. That is unless you want to give us access to your accounts.

The 20 Most Commonly Used Passwords In America

Nord Security released the results of their survey that tracks the 200 most common passwords used in 35 different countries. Here are the 20 most common ones used in the USA/

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