You better pay Sean Kingston, or else. Those are probably the exact words a California promoter is thinking after he was allegedly assaulted by the Jamaican-born singer's entourage earlier this week.

According to TMZ, Kingston was booked to perform at the Avalon, a popular Hollywood venue, on June 4. The mutually agreed upon payment for the show was $11,000. Apparently, part of the deal was that Kingston would need to heavily promote the show through social media, but he failed to do so. The 24-year-old also showed up to the venue three hours late. In turn, the promoter refused to pay him the other half of the money, obviously leaving the 'Back 2 Life' creator fumed.

From there things took an ugly turn. Based on the promoter's account, Kingston ordered his entourage to use physical force to retrieve his money, so they pinned the promoter against a wall and took $1,000, his cell phone and his watch.

So by now you would figure the burly artist would be in handcuffs, right? Wrong. Kingston hasn't been arrested yet, and it's unclear if he will be.

In addition, his bodyguards were only listed as witnesses in the police report -- they weren't arrested either. In the end, the promoter wasn't seriously injured and he was able to get his watch and phone back -- they were later found at the club. But the cash wasn't recovered, and it likely won't be.

Stay tuned to find out if Kingston and his crew will face charges.




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