Scarlett Johansson is breaking through the cash-lined glass multi-million dollar film franchise at a time.

Johansson is the lone woman to break into Hollywood's list of 10 top-grossing actors of all time, according to The WrapHaving appeared in films that have raked in $3.3 billion domestically across her career, the actress trails Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman, who have each pulled nearly $5 billion. Johansson, 31, is also the youngest person on the Top 10 list by 20 years — 51-year-old Robert Downey Jr. who lands lands at No. 5 with $3.9 billion, is the next-youngest.

The site notes Johansson's choice to pair big-name ensemble films like The Jungle Book and the Avengers franchise movies with smaller indie projects directed by the likes of Christopher Nolan, the Coen Brothers and Woody Allen accounts for cross-genre appeal.

"Her films stand the biggest chance to be nominated for Oscars in both visual effects and best picture categories in the same year," comScore analyst Paul Dergarabedian told the site.

It seems possible that Johansson is the first woman to earn the top-10 distinction, but it's not a sure thing — the list, which includes data from Box Office Mojo, doesn't account for inflation. The site also does not share year-over-year comparison data.

Cameron Diaz is the second highest-ranking woman, who stands at No. 19 with $3.03 billion and Helena Bonham Carter is the third with $2.81 billion.

Check out the full list of highest-grossing film actors here.

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