Was Saturday the most fun a Buffalo sports fan has had, ever? I think the case can be made for that.

20 years of frustration lashed out against the New England Patriots, as the Buffalo Bills destroyed the New England Patriots, 47-17; and the score wasn't even as close as it sounds.

The Bills offense had a perfect game. Literally, a perfect game. They scored a touchdown on all seven drives, with no punts, 4th downs, turnovers, or field goal attempts.

The fans at Highmark Stadium were having the time of their lives, despite the cold weather, which was near zero degrees by the end of the game.

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You may have heard about former beloved Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick being in attendance for the game on Saturday. Fitz was there, sitting in the club suite area.

Fitz is still an active NFL player, spending this past season with the Washington Football Team, although he missed all but one game with a hip injury.

Fitzpatrick at one point went shirtless during the win and on Monday, a video surfaced of Fitz screaming at the top of his lungs for the Bills and let me tell you...it is everything you have ever dreamed of in a video.

The video was also shared by Barstool Sports.

Fitzpatrick should be on the Wall of Fame for this. I'm not the least bit joking. While he didn't make the playoffs in his four seasons in Buffalo, he is definitely one of the mlost beloved former Bills of all time.


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