Driving is both a blessing and a curse. We all have to drive from point A to point B. Whether it's to get to work and back, the grocery store, run errands, or actually go places we want to go, driving is a necessity.

But driving, especially during heavy drive times, can be extremely frustrating. The longer you drive, the more aware you are of your surroundings. Like, which vehicles usually are the ones who drive the fastest and who knows, maybe have a higher tendency to cut you off.

Obviously, not everyone who drives a Corvette drives with reckless abandon, but we all have those types of vehicles in our minds that tend to drive the most aggressive.

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In fact, maybe you notice them every single day? Here in New York State, driving can be even more frustrating with well-populated areas and many different highways and the 90 thruway.

What vehicles tend to give you the most problems can be subjective, but are these stereotypical vehicles the ones that feature the rudest drivers?

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