When you hear the phrase "genius inventor," you probably think of Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs or someone like that. From now on, though, we'll think of this guy.

Sure, it seems dangerous as hell and utterly certain to end in serious injury for either the shooter or anyone in a 50-yard radius, but anything truly fun is worth a little risk. We wonder how he manages to avoid the temptation to look down the barrel of one of those things. And whoever's filming this, is he behind a window or something? Encased in a force field? It seems like nothing's there between him and his buddy firing his Roman Candle Machine Gun™ in all directions. That's a lot of trust he's relying on.

Regardless, this FREEDOM CANNON (hat tip) is going onto our Christmas list. Along with that hoverboard, the Death Star Ice Mold and the E-GO Cruiser. (Who cares if it's August. It's never too early to start compiling a list of all the cool stuff you think you want but then if you ever actually get it, you kinda just forget about until you have to throw it away years later when you realize you only used it that one time and, sure, it was fun and all, but not as much as you'd hoped. Wow, that was some serious rambling there. Sorry.)

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