A rapper speeding down the highway in a Rolls Royce being chased by police. Sounds like a music video or a movie, right? Unfortunately, this happened in real life with Rocko when he was arrested in Atlanta after he was caught drag racing.

According to TMZ, the "U.O.E.N.O" creator was driving his Rolls Royce on Friday (March 6), racing against a friend driving a BMW, also belonging to Rocko.

For some reason, the two decided to race each other down I-75 when a police chase ensued. Cops didn't chase the rapper, however, they only followed his buddy since he tried to get away.

Eventually, 5-0 caught up with the unnamed man, but by the time they reached him, he was driving at a normal speed, so he couldn't be arrested for drag racing.

Rocko wasn't hit with a reckless driving charge either. He was arrested for driving on a suspended license.

It's no surprise the rapper was pushing a luxury vehicle, since his fondness for expensive cars has been well-documented. In 2013, he talked about his love for his Maybach, and how he decided not to sell it at the very last second. "It's crazy, because I was going to sell it," he said in an interview with Complex. "I don't even drive the cars I have now. But then I found out they don't make them anymore, so I just decided to keep it. It's paid for so I was like, 'I'm just going to keep it.' It's crazy, because I had it in Miami. I had it at this shop that my friend owns, and he was like, 'yeah man, I just had to order a grille for a car just like yours [for] $17,000'"

As far as Rocko's arrest, no word yet on when he'll have to return to court or what type of repercussions he'll face.

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