I'm from Rochester and got a FRANTIC phone call from a friend of mine (Francesco Sylvester) last night RANTING & RAVING about some singer on The X-FACTOR from Rochester.  I was not moved by his excitement ... thinking he was just excited because she's from Rochester (he wondered if I even knew her).  I wasn't thinking she could've been anyone all that great (in terms of singing) because I'm from THE ROC and know just about all the NOTABLE FEMALE SINGERS....but never heard of this lady Francesco is on the phone raving about....

Things changed this morning when I heard Tom Joyner & Sybil talking  about this LILLIE MCCLOUD lady who was on X-FACTOR.... so I thought I'd try to find her X-Factor Performance on YOU TUBE.  About 10 minutes later...Watery Eyed from Her ANOINTED VOICE & PERFORMANCE...I was SPEECHLESS!!!!!  WOW!!!!

Not only did Lillie McCloud LOOK 30... she PROUDLY revealed to everyone that she's 54!!!!!  STUNNING!!!!  ... But even that news was NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT WAS NEXT TO COME.... HER SINGING!!!!!  OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, MG, OH MYYYYYYY GOD!!!!!  Where has this lady been???????

If she doesn't WIN The X-Factor this season....something's wrong!!!!!  THIS IS UNREAL!!!!!!


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