Buffalo is no longer a secret and its clear we are coming for everything anyone said we couldn't!

Today Roc Nation recognized one of Buffalos Youngest Entrepreneur Ms. Olivia Brooks, founder of Libbys Lemonade Stand. If you have yet to try her lemonade you are missing out!


Olivia started her business at the age of 5 in 2018.  This small business that we all love has sold over 1700 bottles of delicious lemonade.


I have  had the chance to witness this beauty in action in a girls group I spoke at and in a workshop. Not only is she a true Entrepreneur but she represents her brand well at the stand and in her school.  This young Go Getta has strong future with her business and any opportunity that she will encounter. Thank you to her parents for keeping her focus and pushing towards the goal.

See what Roc Nation had to say HERE!

Source: Instagram Roc Nation 

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