Professional athletes come to (and leave) Buffalo pretty often.  But what happens to their homes when they go?  This one went to another teammate.

I've often wondered why there aren't more of these sales from one professional athlete to another.  While there are some people who do, there aren't a lot of people in Western New York who make the kind of money that professional athletes make.

Obviously, because they can afford to spend more on their homes, the market to sell them is a small one.  Not everyone can buy these fancy houses.  So why don't they just sell them to each other more often when they're traded or decided to leave the team?

Rasmus Ristolainen was with the Buffalo Sabres from 2013 to July of 2021 when he was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers.  Because he doesn't live here anymore, he doesn't need a home here.  So he decided to sell it.

It's a beautiful house right on the waterfront and it's been on the market for about a month.  But he was able to find a buyer in one of his former teammates.  Defenseman Henri Jokiharju was able to grab it up for $1.05 million.  Ristolainen paid $935,000 for the 3,557-square-foot townhouse in 2017.

It looks like Jokiharju got a smoking deal on it considering the price of real estate these days.  Houses are definitely selling for a lot more than they were back in 2017.

If you want to see what $1 million will get you, there are photos below courtesy of Zillow.

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Former Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen selling Buffalo home.

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