Rick Ross doesn’t do alcohol shots, at least not on camera. A video of Ricky Rozay recently went viral after he rejected a woman trying to give him a shot of alcohol.

On Sunday (May 15), Instagram user @linkuptv reposted a video of Rick Ross filming himself reciting the classic bars from Meek Mill’s 2012 anthem “Dreams and Nightmares (Intro)” while at a club. A woman is standing next to him and is holding a shot of alcohol. The female clubgoer then decides to tap Ross’ phone with the shot glass and then get the Miami bawse to drink from it.

Rozay, not feeling the gesture, quickly moves her hand away before the video abruptly ends. The viral clip has garnered over 71,000 views, so far, and has been reshared hundreds of times on social media.

An extended video shows Ross actually vibing and lip-syncing to Mill’s motivating words on “Dreams and Nightmares.” At one point, the rap mogul stares into the camera as if he’s looking directly at the Philadelphia rhymer.

“I did it without an album/I did shit with Mariah,” Meek’s lyrics are heard as Rozay taps himself on his shoulder to remind viewers that he’s also on the Mariah song that Meek is referring to.

Ross then makes the sign of the cross to show the truthfulness and sincerity in Meek’s rhymes. The Maybach Music Group honcho lip-syncs, “Lil' nigga, I'm on fire/Icy as a hockey rink, Philly nigga, I'm flyer/When I bought the Rolls-Royce they thought it was leased/Then I bought that new Ferrari, hater, rest in peace.”

The video clearly shows that Ross still has respect and great admiration for Meek despite what appears to be an estrangement between them lately.

Watch the video below of Rick Ross vibing off of Meek Mill’s "Dream and Nightmares" below. We also added Meek’s music video below as well.

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