We all know about the history between Lil Wayne & Birdman. Birdman nurtured Weezy's career and took him under his wing and became somewhat of a father figure. So when Wayne first started taking shots at Cash Money Records in 2014, people were a little shocked.  Wayne claims that Birdman owes him money!  Rick Ross, has been very vocal in regards to how he feels about Birdman and his alleged poor business dealings with Lil Wayne.


Ross recently said,"I'm riding with a couple homies we finna go grab a bite to eat, and it just ran across my mind, and I said damn, 'I wonder if Birdman paid that man yet.' Pay that man. Pay that man, man that man sold a million the first week. Got damn what a n-gga gotta do to get his money. What a n-gga gotta do for you to pay him. Sell 10 million in the first two days, then you'll pay the man? Got damn. Man let you sweet n-ggas ride around clean for a long time. Gone get a loan and pay that man. You know what I don't like really the most about this sh-t is the fact that, yall two fighting each other, instead of yall two fighting the white people. You switched out on him. I wouldn't have switched out on my dog,"


Last week, Birdman finally commented on the whole ordeal telling everybody that they needed to mind their own business as far as the situation goes, and if they didn't he said that there would be some real consequences for failing to do so.  Ross caught wind of this and responded again in an Instagram video saying, "Boy you a year late and five years late paying that man his money. Pay that man his money. We know you ain't right. Stop with the jokes n-gga. Bring that sh-t. Bring it!"



Things look they are getting a little heated!!!



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