Rihanna has had a little heat come down on her because of the language she uses. Well she's in trouble with parents again after using some unladylike verbiage on twitter...

According to Bossip.com: 

In response to a friend making a very accurate observation regarding Rihanna’s hairstyle (“Watchin clifford the big red dog =) somehow im reminded of @Rihanna idk why tho”) Rihanna wrote, “LMAO (Laughing my arse off), Katt u lil c***.”

WOW Rhianna!!!! Your really gonna put that on your twitter!??

A fan later told The Sun: “Rihanna is a role model to millions of young, impressionable kids.

“She shouldn’t be using that kind of language – especially when she knows how many people follow her.”

Rihanna doesn’t seem to mind much though – in response to an article about her ‘inappropriate rant’ (hardly a rant), she tweeted “#biteME”.

I understand Rhianna wants to be a rebel, and come off edgy. But to type the c u next tuesday comment on twitter is a little too much. Especially when a lot of her fans are teenagers. What do you think? Did she take it too far?

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