A report released Tuesday says the death of an inmate at the Erie County Holding Center was a homicide!

Credit: WGRZ

The New York State Commission of Correction released a report yesterday that says the death of Richard Metcalf was a homicide at the hands of officers. Metcalf was arrested by officers in Depew and taken to the Erie County Holding Center back in 2012, according to WGRZ. While struggling with officers, Metcalf spit out blood. A sergeant then put an unauthorized device, called a spit mask, on him, according to the report. The mask made it difficult for Metcalf to breath. Officers put a pillow case over his head!! The officers went even further and wouldn't allow EMTs access to Metcalf while he was being restrained. The incident left Metcalf brain dead by the time he taken to the hospital, where he died two day later.

This is disgusting, heart-breaking and horrible! The extreme abuse of power and force by some law enforcement officers is ridiculous! What worries me even more is that it seems like the "good cops" are not upholding the law against the "bad cops!!" Good cops should be even more disgusted than us citizens by the illegal and inhumane actions of bad cops, point blank, period!

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