Every weekday morning at 10am, I bring you a daily affirmation from Black Pearls for Parents the book by author Eric V. Copage. They are inspirational thoughts, practical advice, and pearls of wisdom specifically designed for African-American parents.

This morning’s entry was “Tradition/Integrity”. On this day, take five minutes to point out something to your child, a photograph of a forebear, a patchwork quilt, your school yearbook, and tell your child that they are part of a proud tradition and that today especially they should bear that in mind as they go about their life.                                                           

You can listen to my reading of today’s Black Pearls For Parents by clicking the player below and thanks for listening to the People’s Station 93.7 WBLK.      

                                              Today’s BLK MVP Black Pearls for Parents entry is: TRADITION/INTEGRITY