Fans of Redman recently got some good news in the form of an Instagram video from the rap legend. In it is a tantalizing preview of his long-awaited Muddy Waters 2 album.

The caption for the post reads, "Muddy Waters 2 Nigga Work! Produce By my Homies Vinyl Frontiers frm Overseas ! BEAST MODE ! 32 Hours No Sleep ! Message will Self Destruct in 5 min!"

The clip itself finds a jovial Redman sitting in front of a recording studio monitor as he plays what's presumably a track from his Muddy Waters follow up. "I've been pulling all nighters. Work, work, work!" he exclaims in the vid just before launching into the track, which sounds pretty hard from what we can tell.

In the clip, Redman shows his bars are as sharp as ever. "I stay real, gotta pay bills/I be a pusher man, just call me Curtis Mayfield/I draw like Picasso, post up like Rondo," he spits over an energetic beat, which his caption seemingly indicates was produced by Vinyl Frontiers.

After he's finished playing a clip from the song, Redman shouts, "Muddy Waters fucking 2!" So there you have it. It's coming. The question is, when? Redman's been talking about the project for years now, but it's felt like it's never come all that close to coming out. We'll just have to play the waiting game.

Check out Redman's preview for yourself below.

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