Tis the season for...summer?

Yes, get ready to dig out those shorts and tank tops for a couple of days as we could have record-high temperatures across the region.

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A major warm front is set to come and sweep across Western New York this weekend and with that warm front is some very warm weather. If fact it could be record-breaking.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Accuweather is calling for high temperatures in the upper 60s or low 70s.

For Friday, the record high is 73 and it looks like the project high is around 70.

For Saturday, the record high is 76 and the projected high is 73

For Sunday, the record high is 73 and the projected high is 68

While we are projecting to fall just short of the record highs this weekend, a little extra boost in the jet stream or from the warm front could push us over the record amount.

Looking ahead, the warm weather won't last too long before we get back to normal temperatures. Monday is looking to remain on the warm side with a high near 68.

Tuesday is when we start trending back to more normal weather. The high on Tuesday is around 59 with the temperatures dropping as the week goes on. Wednesday we are looking at 56 and Thursday at a high of only 54.

On average, the daily high in the month of November in Western New York is around 50 degrees. So while it will cool down after our weekend heatwave, we will still be slightly above normal for this time of the year.

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