Is it illegal to have anything, like an air freshener or rosary beads, hanging from your mirror in New York State? You may be surprised by what the law says. As I have dug deeper and deeper into state laws, I found some really strange ones. I mean, I guess they make sense, but many of them aren't really practical, like this law, for example.

Photo by Josh Frenette on Unsplash
Photo by Josh Frenette on Unsplash

In New York, it is indeed to hang anything from your rearview mirror. According to New York Consolidated Laws, Vehicle and Traffic Law - VAT § 375. Equipment,

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle with any object placed or hung in or upon the vehicle, except required or permitted equipment of the vehicle, in such a manner as to obstruct or interfere with the view of the operator through the windshield, or to prevent him from having a clear and full view of the road and condition of traffic behind such vehicle.

So basically, unless it is required by law, it's not legal. So your old air fresheners that lost their scent 2 years ago, your faded fuzzy dice, your rosary beads, your dog tags, or anything else is against the law. Crazy, right? I am definitely guilty of having several old air fresheners hanging from my rearview mirror.

Can You Be Fined Or Ticketed For Hanging Something From Your Rearview Mirror In New York?

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YES! And it's pretty costly to get ticketed for an obstructed view in New York. According to,

A ticket for an obstructed view means facing a fine of up to $150 with an NYS surcharge of $88 or $93 (depending on where the ticket was issued) and 2 points on one’s license. A second offense in 18 months can mean a fine of up to $300 fine and a third offense costs as much as $450.

The moral of the story is to find another place to hang your personal items, just in case you get pulled over by a very strict cop.

***This article is not intended to provide legal advice or counsel

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