Ferguson, Missouri will never be the same. It will forever be held as the place where civil war broke out between the public and those sworn to protect them. The civil unrest in Ferguson is still ongoing as Police are not only dealing with the riots of the community, but the city is also dealing with the trial of Darren Wilson, the OFFICER who shot and killed Mike Brown.

While the case is still pending and ongoing,  the city has not slept. There has been a constant war between Police and the public and both trying to take sides in the debate. The police have made a bold statement in the trial of Darren Wilson and his ethics and the killing of Mike Brown, and have now opted to support their fellow officer Darren Wilson by wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ WRISTBANDS. Check out the photo below:


What do you think about the police making this stand? Personally, I think that as law ENFORCEMENT and individuals sworn to keep the peace, I think it’s wrong to make such a gesture, only causing more chaos in the end. I can only imagine how furious the people of Ferguson would be if they saw a police officer walking by with that BS on their wrist. It seems to be more of instigation that anything, but I could be wrong. Chime in. Should officers be allowed to wear the wristband?