Run DMC rap legend Darryl "DMC" McDaniels will star in a new short film along with wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page. The flick is called “Hard Luck”,and it’s written and directed by Kurtis Spieler. 

D plays a crime boss in the movie, while Page stars as a hitman. The movie began filming earlier this month in Connecticut. Producer David Gere, stated that the movie came about when he was hanging out with DMC one evening, who revealed that he was interested in launching an acting career. “He’s like, ‘I’m trying to break into acting, Dave,’” Gere told sources, “And it went from there. I called Kurtis and said, ‘I’d like to develop an urban noir gangster film.’” As for Diamond Dallas Page, he sued Jay-Z in 2005, claiming the rapper stole his trademarked "Diamond Cutter" hand gesture and used it  for commercial  profit. Two years later Page won the lawsuit when Jay-Z opted to settle the dispute out of court. Hard Luck will be promoted at a variety of festivals this year, including The Sundance Film Festival.

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