Mayor Byron Brown announced that the NFTA is restoring some bus routes in Buffalo and that the Metro Rail is up and running. This is great news since the travel ban is still in place. While it may not be ideal for car owners, the bus provides an option to get to the grocery store or other places while the travel ban is still in place. It's also good news for people who rely on the bus as their primary mode of transportation and have been worried about how they'll get back to work.

Mayor Brown shared the news via Instagram. The following routes have been or will soon be restored:

4 Broadway
8 Main
24 Genesee
25 Delaware
34 NF Blvd
35 Sheridan
40 Buffalo-NF
50 Buffalo Ave
52 N. End Circulator
55 Pine Ave

Rail service resumed at 11 am. Unfortunately, Paratransit is still suspended.

Buffalo Police Warn That Travel Ban Is Still In Place Today

There is still a travel ban in place in the City of Buffalo. Police are warning residents to stay off the roads today, Wednesday, December 28, 2022. The Buffalo Police Department sent out a tweet stating that there is a massive amount of plows trying to clear the roads, but they need people to avoid driving to get the job done,

BREAKING: Driving Ban remains in effect in Buffalo. There are over 450 pieces of snow fighting equipment on City streets. Please stay off the roads to allow crews to remove & haul snow.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said the ban is expected to remain in place today.

The driving ban in the City of Buffalo is expected to remain through today and will be reevaluated in the overnight/early morning based on street clearing progress.

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