The Federal Bureau of Investigations is looking into whether R. Kelly committed a crime when flew then 17-year-old Azriel Clary cross-country back in 2015.

On Sunday (Jan. 27), TMZ reported that the FBI has pinpointed a flight that took place on May 25, 2015, in which Clary was flown from Palm Springs, Calif. to Phoenix, Ariz. to Orlando, Fla. That in itself is not a crime. But authorities are looking into whether Kelly violated the Mann Act in the process, a federal act that makes it illegal to transport someone underage across state lines for reasons of sex, debauchery or prostitution.

According to the site, one of Kelly's assistants is said to have set up the flight. Authorities just learned the bit of information last week. Kelly claims no wrongdoing and even has a note of approval from Alice, Azriel's mother. However, the consent note the singer provided is dated several months after the time the May flight would have taken place.

Azriel Clary's parent's attempts to get in contact with her were featured prominently on the final episodes of the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries. Azriel was an aspiring singer, who met R. Kelly at the age of 17 and began working with the embattled R&B star. As soon as she turned 18, her parents claim she stopped contacting them and moved into R. Kelly's Chicago studio. The Clarys haven't seen their daughter in over three years.

Last week, news broke that the family of another one of R. Kelly's alleged victims was working with the FBI.

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