The latest inductee into the BIG DUMMY FILES is a transgendered woman who plays a plastic surgeon at night by the name of Black Madam. A year after Padge Victoria Winslowe (aka Black Madam) killed a 20-year-old aspiring hip-hop dancer by injecting industrial silicone in to a woman's butt. Yes the young lady actually died after the injection went wrong. Padge Victoria is the number one suspect in her death but, she has continued to hold pumping parties and perform the illegal procedures on other women. I don't see why she wasn't arrested for killing someone, but the Philadelphia medical examiner is terrible at his/her job. Earlier this month, another woman was hospitalized after getting butt injections from Miss Madam.

Why are people still letting this transgendered woman give them injections ? Cops arrested Miss Madam at a home right before she was about to perform "surgery" on another woman. Officers recovered needles, some "clear liquids," Super Glue, surgical gloves and cotton balls. She faces charges including aggravated assault and deceptive practices and being held on $10 million bail. I don't know who is the BIG DUMMY in this situation Black Madam or the people who keep letting her give them injections ? Apparently Black Madam is an artist as well check out some of her work below LOL.