The good folks on the WBLK Facebook page and Google say that you need to try these Puerto Rican Buffalo restaurants at least once. Many of the Puerto Rican restaurants in Buffalo are located on the city's west side, particularly Niagara Street. I lived on Niagara Street for about five years. I must say that is one of the great things about the west side; it is truly a melting pot. You have the opportunity to enjoy cuisines from so many different cultures.

If you're new to Puerto Rican food, here's what you can expect,

Puerto Rican cuisine has been influenced by an array of cultures including Taino Arawak, Spanish, and African. Although Puerto Rican cooking is somewhat similar to both Spanish and other Latin American cuisine, it reflects a unique blend of influences, using indigenous seasonings and ingredients.~ Wikipedia

When enjoying authentic Puerto Rican food, you can expect to find ingredients pigeon peas, pinto beans, rice, corn, pork, chicken, beef, tamarind, and black beans. Dishes include empanadillas, tostones and maduros, pasteles and pernil.

If I am missing one of your favorite spots for authentic Puerto Rican food, please let me know on our social media! Bone apple tea!

Here are the six Puerto Rican restaurants in Buffalo that you need to try at least once:

6 Puerto Rican Restaurants in Buffalo to Try at Least Once

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