If you have been thinking about what to get that special someone in your life for Valentine's Day, you may want to consider something different this year. A pickle bouquet may be an option.

Now, don't think you are getting off easy by ordering one of these. It requires some assembly. A pickle bouquet kit can be ordered and once you get it, you have to use your creativity and ability to follow directions to put it together to present to your loved one.

Unless you have Snooki as your special someone, please make sure they actually like pickles. While, it's a creative gift that may get a few giggles, I highly recommend accompanying this gift with a card – or better yet, jewelry. Lots of it.

The price of this unique arrangement is about $25, so it's pretty affordable.

It's suggested your pre-order your pickle bouquet now in order to get it by February 12 and give yourself some time to assemble it. You can order it online through the Grillo's Pickle website. 

Alexis Eliopoulos, Executive Vice President and PR for Grillo's, sent us this note:

"Available in a limited quantity and comes with everything needed to make the perfect unique bouquet - wooden skewers, floral foam, floral tissue paper, cellophane bag, ribbon, artificial floral filler, an empty Grillo’s container for the perfect vase, a card for the recipient, how-to instructions, and a coupon to redeem Grillo’s at retailers nationwide! 

If you're looking to spice things up with your hottie, Grillo’s Hot Italian Dill spears come with an entire habanero and jalapeño pepper in each jar to guarantee their special date will be blazing. Or, if you're looking to keep things sweet with your honey, opt for Grillo’s Bread & Butter chips. Made with a touch of raw sugar, mustard, celery seeds, yellow onion and red bell pepper, the naturally sweet taste will set the romantic mood for a classic Valentine’s Day date. Adding in a dash of personal creativity, guys and girls can create a pickle bouquet at home using everything in the limitedly available Grillo’s bouquet kits or construct their own with Grillo’s Pickles available in 10,000 stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart."

If you do in fact get one of these for the love holiday, I dare you to not only take pictures of how your bouquet ends up looking, but the reaction of the very lucky recipient of this tasty gift. Unless, of course, the whole situation puts you in a bit of a .... pickle.

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