Usually today would be an exciting day for most football fans, that's because it would the first time this year since the 'Superbowl' that football would finally return, but since we had to experience the NFL "lockout" this year, pre-season has been cut short and there won't be a "Hall of Fame" game.  With that said let's celebrate what we do have,  7  Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinees.  The 7 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2011 consist of Defensive End Richard Dent, Running Back Marshall Faulk, Linebacker Chris Hanburger, Linebacker Les Richter, Film maker of NFLfilms Ed Sabol, Cornerback Deion Sanders, and Tight End Shannon Sharpe. It was back on February 7, that these 7  NFL legends were elected in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  The Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony will take place today in Canton, Ohio.  From me and all football fans from around the world congratulations to this years inductees.

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