The post office announced a major change for customers in New York State. Customers who are moving need to pay close attention.

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Post Office Now Requires Identification To Change Address

New Yorkers who are moving will need to take an extra step to help protect themselves from fraud. James McKean, senior public relations representative, told FOX Business,

There are three ways to initiate a change of address request: online, visiting a local retail office, or submitting the request by mail. If the customer does not go into a retail location and present proper identification or they do not enter the activation code [they receive], their change of address is not activated.

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Residents need to confirm their identity via a code sent to their email address. They will also need a major credit card and mobile phone number. A fee of $1.10 will be charged to a customer's credit card. The billing address for the card must match the old or new address. Prepaid cards are not accepted.

If that method doesn't work customers will then need to take two forms of identification to the post office to confirm their identity. An unexpired government ID will be accepted, as well as a second form such as a lease, vehicle registration, or home insurance card.

How To Change An Address With U.S. Postal Service

- You can submit a change of address request 90 days prior to the effective date or up to 30 days after the move.
- Complete the change of address form online or in person.
- Provide valid identification.

U.S. Postal Service Change Of Address Information

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