When I was up in the Falls, going to see the casino and we stopped at the place called Rock Burger and it was really a good experience. They had stuffed burgers options and it had everything from candy bars to bacon bits, and pretty much you can think off.

Jason Lizardo, owner of Rock Burger, said. That during the summer customers can wait up to 2 hours. That's why he opened up this second restaurant - away from the tourists - specifically for the locals.

They just opened up a week ago and are during about 400 meals a day.The new spot is on the intersection of Niagara Falls Boulevard and Military Road in Niagara Falls.The new location also features an expanded menu with items like salads and hot dogs.

Rock Burger has plans on future expansion. Not only is it eyeing the rest of Western New York, Lizardo is playing with the idea of franchising the restaurant in cities as far away as San Francisco.

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