Lt. Regina Smith of the Dallas Police department is tonight's BIG DUMMY. She oversees burglary and theft detectives at two investigative units in the Dallas police department will probably face an internal affairs investigation over her side hustle. See, Regina is also a gangsta rapper. Her stage name is “Lucille Baller," and in one of her songs posted on her Web site, she promises to shoot anyone who messes with her. By the way, she calls her gun "Ms. Lucy."

This is a sad situation for Officer Smith, she is obviously in mourning over her husband and has nothing else to do with her emotions. This lady has to be well into her 40's, and she is a police officer. That kind of disqualifies you from becoming the next big thing in rap, because no one wants to hear a 40 year old female police officer rap. This might sound harsh but its the absolute truth. Regina Smith also overlooked one of the biggest part of Hip Hop and that would be the haters. Some one in Smith's unit was hating on her that is the only reason the higher up in the department found out about her rap career.

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