I've searched the web extensively but can't even find video news reports on YouTube regarding the Memorial Day murder of Sean Kent...NOTHING! The closest I get to any info is in the Buffalo News...and that's even VERY LIMITED!

But I did find a TWEET from WKBW's Kendra Eaglin:


Then there's this Facebook post I found on Kiela Colvin Jenkins Facebook Page:

WBOK just announced that the Buffalo Police Department I looking for tips in the murder of Sean kent. Was this murder committed in the dark and no one saw anything either y'all would rather have killers walk free then speak up and let our communities be a bit safer. Get the p out of your heart you can call anonymously y'all create fake pages to get your point across in other situations I'm sure some of you can do the same thing with some of these senseless murders

I also found a report regarding numerous incidents of violence on Memorial Day in Buffalo...which did include Sean Kent's homicide...but at the time of the report, no names were mentioned, only that there would be a follow-up...but I can't find any follow up!!!

Normally you'll see extensive newspaper articles or local news reports...but none of that in this case...at least none that I could find anyway. News reports are only saying that police believe there are people in the Buffalo community that know something!!!!

C'mon Buffalonians....if YOU are someone who knows ANYTHING, call this number...the Police Confidential TIPCALL line...(716)847-2255 (you can call or text), or e-mail the department at www.bpdny.org.