A Pennsylvania man mistakenly threw out winning lottery tickets worth of $1.25 million via the trash.

The tickets were sold at Zhou Grocery in York.

Wendy Hinton is employed by the store - she tells the York Daily Record that a regular who played the same numbers every day bought 25 tickets, each worth $50,000. She says he misread them and threw them away.

Hinton says he was plenty upset when he learned of his costly mistake.

The Pennsylvania Lottery confirms that 25 winning Quinto tickets were sold at the store on March 13, 2013. The tickets expired last month and the money remains in the Lottery Fund.

Lottery spokeswoman Lauren Bottaro's reaction: "Oh, no. Wow.''

How would you feel if you later found out that you throw out lottery tickets worth of $1.25 million and now the funds can’t be claimed because the tickets expired?

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