Is this sad or WHAT!!!  As many of us have already heard, you'd basically have to be under a rock to not know this story, Penn State former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky resigned from his charity which was funded by Penn State.  So why did he resign?  Being amid accusations of sexually abusing young boys involved with his charity might have something to do with it.  For 10 years it has been known that Sandusky may be abusing young boys, so why are we just hearing about it now?

Of course we can't necessarily blame Penn State, but what about the other people involved who have claimed to know about his suspicious actions for years and years?  I can't help but be angry at these individuals who let such serious information fall through the cracks.  Within a 10 year period of suspected sexual abuse, you would think someone would have called the police or tried to report the events to a higher authority, yet we're all focusing on Penn State and putting the blame on the college.

Almost anyone will agree that, in light of certain information such as this, it is one's obligation to inform a higher authority.  If these allegations are all true, those who were previously informed of his actions will now have the burden of knowing that they could have done something to help the other victims.

Sadly this is one of many events in this country that shows that we are spiraling downward as a nation.  Whatever morals and values we used to uphold are lessening with every event like this scandal at Penn State.  As I write this you can be sure that while we are looking over one's shoulder, our days are numbered.  Your comments are welcomed.

*WBLK Intern Emily Leschhorn contributed to this article*

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