If you see a paw sticker on your mailbox, there's a good reason why it's there. The United State Postal Service has developed a program to help keep its mail carriers safe. You may not even pay attention to the outside of your mailbox. Most of us are more concerned with the stuff inside (usually bills). But, If you do happen to see one of the stickers below on your mailbox, leave it there.


New York Is Among The States For Dog Bites

Most dog owners swear that their dog is friendly and harmless. While I don't think they are intentionally exaggerating, I do believe they have a biased opinion. Of course your dog is all lovey dovey with your and your family, but with strangers, you might be surprised to see another side of your dog. According to the Postal Service, New York ranks in the top 5 states for dog bites.

In 2022, New York State Had 321 Dog Bites (Up From 239 In 2021)

The top state was California with 675 in 2022, followed by Texas with 404.

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Auckland Council Animal Control Undergo Menacing Dog Project
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What Is The USPS PAWS Program?

The USPS has come up with a creative way to try to keep mail carriers safe. The sticker (show above) represent residences with dogs or homes next door to a dog. These stickers are placed on the outside of mailboxes to service as a reminder of where a dog is. Orange stickers are placed on homes with dogs. Yellow stickers are placed on homes next door to dogs. So, if a sticker turns up on your mailbox, don't take it off (although you can contact the postal service if you don't want your mailbox to be included in the program).

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