We definitely don't deserve dogs. They're great companions that never leave your side and always want to give you all the love in the world. Sometimes I think just how hard it must be for dogs at a shelter -- not knowing their future.

In this specific case, it becomes that much harder when a dog gets a forever home, but due to unforeseen circumstances, is returned.

According to the Niagara SPCA, this adorable dog named Grady was returned to them after being adopted a week earlier. It was for unforeseen circumstances.

Grady is described as a supper chippy pup who even though he's faced challenges in life, is still keeping a positive attitude, and without a doubt will find a forever home at some point.

We have a beagle-pitbull mix named Odessa (beaglebull) and she was adopted at the Erie County SPCA back in 2018 when she was just under 2 years old.

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She's been the best decision my fiancee and I have ever made and we can't believe a dog like her was even there in the first place. Every dog needs a chance and there are so many dogs that need to be adopted.

Let's spread the word and help Grady get adopted!

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