Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pies are sweeping the nation thanks to a viral video from James Wright who sang the praises of the pastry's sweet deliciousness. But the R&B icon seems to think that her Walmart-exclusive pies are selling because of her. In two separate interviews, Ms. Patti credits herself for the pies' success, which caused fans to jump on Twitter and give her a royal dragging.

In an interview with TMZ, when LaBelle was asked if she would get Wright to help her sell more pies, she said, "I did it myself." Then later on the Today show, the "On My Own" songbird told Willie Geist and Tamron Hall that her pies were selling way before Wright came along with his video.

Either the 71-year-old singer has amnesia or she doesn't know the power of social media, but there's no question that Wright's singing endorsement brought the massive surge to her delectable pies.

Fans were quick to correct Ms. Patti on Twitter and suggested that either she or Walmart cut Wright a check for his contribution.

"Dear Patti Labelle: Your pies taste like diabetes. Give that Black queer boy COIN for your #PattiPies selling. Signed, BlaQueer America," wrote one fan.

One person tweeted, "I love Patti LaBelle, but I had no idea about the #PattiePies until James made his video. Between her & Walmart, somebody owes him a check!"

Reps for Patti LaBelle and Walmart have yet to respond to the PR backlash. Meanwhile, James Wright seems to be taking his newfound fame in stride. Check out his Facebook page for updates.

What do you think? Should Patti LaBelle and Walmart cut a check to James Wright for bringing people to her pies? Tell us in the comments below.

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