Pastor Darius Pridgen is to be commended for his decision to go public with the news that he has tested positive for COVID-19, the coronavirus, as Yasmin Young reported Sunday afternoon at  

Pastor Pridgen's detailed account of his "journey (as he calls it) while speaking from his home as reported at,  Pastor Pridgen's openness and humility regarding his having COVID-19 will be a Blessing to those currently dealing with the disease, as well as those who are not...providing them with the Blessing of removing the question as to whether COVID-19 is actually REAL.

Pastor Pridgen's coming out about his illness provides encouragement for people dealing with COVID-19, in that he is showing signs of getting better and explains his 'journey' in getting there. He also Blesses those in the community who otherwise thought the virus warnings and social protocols were a bunch of hogwash.  Pastor Pridgen coming out and revealing his condition is exactly what the doctor ordered.  There are so many in the African-American community who feel as though the virus is not that serious, or that it's some sort of conspiracy.

It's a Blessing to see Pastor Pridgen put his Faith in God into action rather than hiding details about his illness.

Thank you Pastor Pridgen, and, we're Praying for your recovery.  "Count It All Joy". 

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