2019 has been full of documentaries so far and the latest will be ‘Leaving Netherland’. Airing on March 3rd, the documentary details allegations of sexual abuse by the late Michael Jackson.

Oprah has joined the movement of allowing accusers to be heard, and will be hosting a Q&A with Wade Robeson and James Safechuck that will air on HBO and OWN after the airing of ‘Leaving Netherland’.

According to Page Six,

“Oprah Winfrey Presents: After Neverland” will feature Safechuck and Robeson answering questions in front of an audience of sexual abuse survivors and people whose lives have been impacted by abuse, along with the director of the documentary Dan Reed.
Robeson and Safechuck claim they were reportedly molested by Michael Jackson at the ages of 7 and 10. They have previously testified in support of Michael in light of other molestation accusations, but are now speaking out about their own experiences.
Member’s of the Jackson family are vigorously denying the claims, and have even taken steps in an attempt to block HBO from airing the documentary. Some of the family took to the media to defend their brother’s legacy, and question the accusers allegations due to the shift in their stories.

“The facts are public record. I mean what he testified under oath are all different things that he said,” Marlon Jackson told “CBS This Morning”.

Oprah’s discussion with the three will also be featured as part of her ‘Oprah SuperSoul Conversations’ podcast, and is set to air at 10pm on March 4.

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